Mutya Philippine Dance Company

A dance company focused on promoting the Philippine culture.

Philadelphia, PA

On August 22, 2015 from 6pm to 8pm, The Mutya Philippine Dance Company is proud to be presenting its 25th Anniversary Gala Performance – Salinlahi – a celebration of posterity. This feature Gala will be held at The TD Arts Center in Washington Township, New Jersey and brought to us by Drs. Andy and Toto Guevarra. 

This year, Mutya will benefit ABS-CBN Foundation International in support of Bantay Bata, a child welfare program launched in 1997 to protect disadvantaged and at-risk children through a nationwide network of social services. It includes the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and abused children, training and advocacy on child abuse prevention, rehabilitation of families in crisis, educational scholarships, livelihood, community outreach and medical and dental missions. 

As “kababayans”, relatives and friends in support of Filipino youth, we are asking that you please consider supporting both Mutya and Bantay Bata in raising awareness for this important cause. We hope that each of you will see the value of fostering the Filipino culture by being a part of our 25th anniversary celebration.

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